Kaitlyn, Age 12, Stonewood, WV

First day of school
A little nervous
It's time for lunch
You see the popular kids
Eating at their table
Every person is in a group
Where do you belong?
With the band geeks?
With the math club?
You sit all alone
Suddenly, you look up.
A girl is standing in front of you.
She has nowhere else to go either.
She's a popular kid
Her friends don't treat her right
Now they're best friends.
They form their own clique.
One that anyone can join.
More people join.
They were kicked out of their clique
What was their clique?
The friendship clique.
No one's mean
No one's judgemental.
It's the perfect clique.
Just remember my lesson:
Don't form cliques that exclude others.

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