Sarah's Stars

Matt and Dave. Yuck’s Fart Club
Simon and Schuster  $6.99 ISBN 978-1-4169-1093-0  110 pg.
Reviewed by David, Age 12

‘No more farting!” Mum said, but Yuck had other ideas, That evening his friends were coming round to play…’

You thought it was impossible, but things just got more disgusting! In this second book there is something going on…something…smelly. Yuck is up to something in his tree house with his friends and Polly is determined to figure out what exactly they are up to.

The cover was enticing, and wonderfully disgusting. The book definitely glorified the meaning of gross for me.

Being the second in the series it is great! I would recommend this book to people ages 7-9. Yet again these writers are the best at making some really unsuspecting plots. Just you wait to see what happens! It is an awesome series.

I give this book four slimy stars out of five.


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