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Five Little Ducks (Little Scholastic)
Scholastic $9.99  ISBN 978-0-439-02147-0  12 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Join the five little ducks on their journey over the pond and far away!

The artwork on the cover of this book pulls the child in, with the shiny gold feathers and the pretty lily pads. Boys and girls alike would love this book, simply because it is so repetitive. It is easy for them to remember. As they read along, not only is the text repeating itself, so are the pictures. They are slightly different, but only in small ways. This creates a great consistency, and will make them want to say the words out-loud. The words and the pictures go together perfectly, and mesh together to make a cute little rhyme, that even I remember from when I was young. This book is recommended for Baby to Three. The ending has a funny surprise, which I think might scare some kids the first time round (it scared me!).

The colours are bright and welcoming, making it the perfect book for a child to look forward to at story time or bedtime. It also has the cookie print pictures, and those are bound to be fun for any child.

This reviewer gives Five Little Ducks five recurring stars out of five.


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