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Deborah Hodge.  Lily and the Mixed-Up Letters
Tundra $21.99  ISBN 987-0-88776-757-9  30 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 16

Lily can paint beautiful pictures, better than anyone in her class. Everyone admires her artwork. She loves to play outside with the other children at recess, but Lily hates going to school. Every day when her mum comes to wake her up she says that she feels sick, or that she has a headache. She takes as long as she possibly can to get ready, but once sheís at school Lily has lots of fun. That is, until itís reading time. When Lily tries to read, all the words get mixed-up on the page and her head starts to hurt. The worst is being called to read in front of the class. She says that she has a sore throat so that she doesnít have to go. Then her teacher tells the class that parent day is coming up, and everyone will have to read a page out loud in front of everyone. Lily is terrified, she canít fake her way out of this one. What is she going to do?

Lily and the Mixed-Up Letters is a story about a young girl struggling with dyslexia. It is a charming book, with illustrations that are very well suited to the story. The people have very expressive faces, and Lily and her schoolmates are adorable. On the two page spreads the text is well placed and easy to read. I thought that the amount of writing was bit much for young children to read to themselves, with fairly small font. I think this book is better for parents reading to children rather than the kids reading it themselves. The story was touching, and had an uplifting ending.

I think that Lily and the Mixed up Letters deserves a full five stars.


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