Sarah's Stars

Helaine Becker. Mother Goose Unplucked
Maple Tree Press  $12.95  ISBN 978-1-897066-84-3  160 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Once upon a time, there was a remarkably strange land named Happilyeverafter. It was inhabited by high-strung pigs and long-winded wolves, industrious fairies and crafty dragons, kings, queens, princesses, princes, pipers and paupers. Houses were made out of gingerbread, shoes out of glass, and pies out of blackbirds.  Or so they say….

When it comes to something to do, this is the book for you! The untold stories of fairies and the big bad wolf are waiting inside! Colourful mind benders, crazy games and abnormal cooking recipes await your magic touch.

I found this book very entertaining. It is fun and colourful, making the reader want to see more. There are twisted fairytales, hilarious comics, mind bending questions and even cooking recipes. Everything you need for a party or a good tongue twister. The pages are never too crowded, which was surprising considering the amount of wacky childhood nursery rhymes that were involved in the entire book. I loved the fact that some of the games and riddles were actually a test for someone my age.

I would recommend this book for eight years old and up. It is so much fun to get into! The stories are interesting and creative, and the games can keep you occupied for hours.
I give Mother Goose Unplucked five enchanted stars.


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