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Charles Ogden. Nod’s Limbs (Edgar & Ellen)
Aladdin $11.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-1501-0  215 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 14

Ellen faced her brother and crossed her arms. “Shall we recap our strategic strengths, Brother? Hmm. Let’s see. First we plotted to collapse the Knightlorian Hotel and ended up securing its eternal purple existence.”

“A minor setback.”

“And then when that crazy circus blew into town,” Ellen continued, leaning into her sibling, “You got us suckered out of our own house!”

“It was a lousy sham,” growled Edgar.

“Oh! Let’s don’t forget that we betrayed Heimertz and Dahlia and they’ve been imprisoned in a gorilla cage for life!”

A long time ago the founder of Nod’s Lands built a statue of himself made from solid gold. When the statue was erected in the town, the residents of Nod’s Lands noticed that the statues limbs were missing, and the search began! When the limbs were nowhere to be found, the race to find them died down and Nod’s Lands became Nod’s Limbs. Then, two hundred years later a mini statuette of Nod is found and the search is on! Again. But this time the stakes have been raised. Edgar and Ellen, two mischievous twins who live alone in the Nod Mansion have to find the limbs or lose their only home. And when the mayor’s daughter faces off against them, the race gets even more intense as enemies fight for riches beyond measure.

Nod’s Limbs is a great book based on a TV series about Edgar and Ellen. It has a crazy plotline that’s fun to read because of its bizarre nature that captures you within its devilish humor. The book has well developed characters, and the description of the story makes you feel as if you know the people and place they live in.

I would recommend this book to kids 9 and up because it is an easy book to read and is more for younger kids who can read well.

I give Nod’s Limbs 5 crazy stars.


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