Through the Eyes of a Jew
Jennifer, Age 12, Minnedosa, MB

When I stepped off the bus I saw no grins
When I got to the camp I was full of questions
I tried hard not to cry
I knew I could be the next one to die
I had no family anymore
All because of that awful war
There were people dying
And children crying
I prayed and prayed
That I could somehow be saved
I hated whoever did this for causing pain and frustration
And for scaring the entire nation
They wanted all Jews six feet under
Which made me wonder
Why would someone do this to us?
Why make a big fuss
Over us Jews
But of course now that is old news
I wish that I could have a normal life
I wish that I could someday be someoneís wife
While I think of this a tear rolls down my cheek
Working all day has made me very weak
During this war too much blood has been spilled
And far too many innocent people have been killed
Our food for the day is crust from some bread
I think that I will soon be dead
Iím so sad
Iím actually very mad
Because so many lives will be lost
Many will die in the holocaust.

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