Sarah's Stars

David A. Poulsen. No Time Like The Past
Key Porter Books $9.95 ISBN 978-1-55263-807-1  173 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Well, onward, shall we?” said Dr. P. “To fun and adventure.”

For some reason, I got chills when he said that. And it sure wasn’t because I was cold.

Another mystery has been added to the Salt & Pepper Chronicles. To poor Chris’ dismay, Chris and Pepper’s younger brother both find a new mystery to solve when they go on an award-winning trip to New Mexico. The three kids are quickly dragged into something much bigger than they could ever comprehend and Chris is having a hard time not saying, ‘I told you so.’ When time travel and an ancient race of people are thrown into the mix, they could end up dead!

This book is interesting for the most part. The time travel is fun and adventurous! But the story line itself seemed to be way too spaced out. It was almost as if the author rushed through it and missed pieces to the plot along the way. Otherwise this novel is fun and funny. A quick read for someone looking to solve an inventive mystery.

The cover had me interested from the start. It made me wonder very much about the contents of the novel, as did the title. I would recommend this book for people nine to twelve years of age. It is all good content and it is on the simpler side of reading.

I give this book four time-traveling stars out of five.


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