Sarah's Stars

Matt and Dave. Yuck’s Big Bogeys
Simon and Schuster  $6.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-1093-0 111 pg.
Reviewed by David, Age 12

Yuck had decided when he was EMPEROR OF EVERYTHING everyone would have to pick their nose, it would be THE LAW.

The disgusting adventures of Yuck begin in Yuck’s Big Bogeys. If you always liked the thought of something sickening, then you will love this book! Yuck has something cooked up for his mom and his sister Polly…and that something is the Master Plan.

I thought this was a great book! For people ten years old and younger, this novel is just perfect. The font size is awesome and the pictures go with what was being said. I do say the plot was unexpected! I liked the way that everything written in the story was so unthinkably nasty. It’s a fun read.

I give this book four bogey stars out of five! It was simple but effective!


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