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Stephen Cole. The Aztec Code
Bloomsbury $15.95  ISBN 978-0-7475-8427-8  311 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 14

“Plastic explosive?” asked Jonah.

“Play-Doh,” Patch replied. Then he flipped down his eyepatch and sprinted for the doorway. His nerves ebbed away as he studied the barriers to opening the door. Fingerprint scanner - from the make and model, Patch guessed it was maybe two years old - linked to an older numeric keypad with eight-character capacity.

Piece of cake. 

Five young teens, all with no family of their own, are brought together for their unique talents by an old man named Coldhart. Each one has a unique skill that makes them a good spy, making them an incredible team. Together they steal rare artifacts for Coldhart’s collection and get paid a lot of money. After one of them is kidnapped, a strange mystery that started hundreds of years ago in the time of the Aztecs begins. As the clues start to fit together, they discover an evil cult that has been started in memory of an evil Aztec god. The god was said to give people strange powers. That’s what the leader of the cult is after.

The Aztec Code is an awesome book with good descriptions of places in the story. Instead of your regular adult spies, this book has young teens as the heroes of the story. The storyline is realistic, and is filled with lots of action. The author throws in a bit of ancient Aztec history, which makes the book very original. The book gives you the impression of a possible sequel, and if so, I would definitely read it. I thought the book was a great spy adventure, perfect for people who like James Bond movies.

I would recommend this book to kids 14 and up, as there is some violence and frightening content not suitable for younger kids.

This reviewer gives The Aztec Code 5 action-packed stars.


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