Birthday Adventure
Cori, Age 13, Kingwood, TX

When my cousin Lainey and I get together its always an adventure. When she invited me to her birthday party I knew I had a fun time awaiting me.

Lainey and I stepped into the ice cold movie theater not knowing what was ahead of us. There were no parents, just us and ten bucks. We went straight to the food court and decided on ice and cheese sticks. After we scarfed down the cheese sticks Lainey suggested that we ride the elevator for fun while we waited for our movie to start. When we pushed a button, the elevator wouldn't move. After freaking out, laughing, and pushing the "open door" button a million times, it opened. We ran out of there faster than a pack of hyenas!

Finally the previews to our movie began, so we went to take our seats. While I was eating some of our ice, Lainey flicked some at me, thirty seconds later we were having a full fledged food fight! After the front of my dress was soaked, we stopped.

Shortly after, our movie started. A few minutes into it, I thought, "This isn't the best movie ever." Lainey and I had no idea what they were talking about, so we got bored and started naming the characters people we knew. After it was over we decided it would be fun to ride the elevator again. We got in and started pushing random buttons. We soon realized it didn't work before because, we were pushing the button of the floor we were on. Feeling like total airheads, we got off went outside, and rode off in Lainey's grandma's black car with the memory of the day forever in our hearts.

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