Clare, Age 10, Scappoose, OR

My friend is running for a position on student council. And I am her campaign manager. Elections are next Friday, a week away. We went to an "Everybody that's running for a position on student council" meeting today. I'm nervous. I think I'm more nervous than my friend is!

Today is Saturday.
My friend and I discussed designs for the posters on the way to our soccer game.

Today is Sunday.
My friend made the posters by herself, because I went to my cousin's Birthday.

Today is Monday.
My friend showed me her posters at school, they're AWESOME. We hung them up around the school at morning recess. They looked great!

Today is Tuesday.
My friend came to my house today. We decorated white shirts that said to vote for her.

Today is Wednesday.
We wore our shirts. And told people to vote for my friend.

Today is Thursday.
My friend gave a speech to  the head of the student council, she recorded it, we'll watch it with all the other speeches tomorrow during P.E., then we'll vote.

Today is FRIDAY!!!
I'm so nervous! I'm so nervous SO NERVOUS!!! We watched the speeches today. My friend did wonderfully! I think a lot of people will vote for her. My friend and I went to a meeting where the head of the student council told us who won before they announced it on the intercom.
My friend didn't win.
I feel so disappointed, I think I'm more sad than she is! But my friend was not depressed, she just went on went her life. Even though my friend didn't win, she is still a winner to me.

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