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Chris Humphreys. The Fetch
Knopf  $10.99  ISBN 978-0-553-49475-4  350 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 13

Then there was a thump against the trapdoor, a scrape across its wood. Someone was about to climb up. Someone? Or something? Had Black Ulf followed him from beyond? This was the trouble with the night terrors that had haunted him all his life. Just when you thought you were out of one...

Sky is haunted by strange dreams in the night that wake him up at exactly 4:17 every morning. He finds himself waiting for something but he has no clue what it is, and when his mother drags out an old sea chest that used to belong to his grandfather, Sky knows he has to find what's in the chest. What he discovers unlocks a door into the past, into the future. Sky's Fetch, an exact double of himself with extraordinary powers has awakened, but unfortunately, so has his long dead Viking ancestor. When his cousin Kristen comes to visit, she finds out that she has a very important role to play in the saga, but will the sacrifice for Sky and Kristen be too much?

Read. This. Book. You’ll be caught up in an exciting adventure that skips from the lavish yet rugged Viking era to the present; where Sky races to find out his purpose, as things with the undead grow more and more dangerous. The plot manages to leave the reader hanging while making sure that we aren't guessing so much that we just have to turn the page. It is an amazing, yet slow, savoury adventure. Some parts are fast and dangerous, some are slow and conversational but each interaction between the characters is just as important as the action scenes. As the mystery around the runes and Sky's ancestors grows more complex, you will find yourself even more engrossed in this wonderful first novel, The Fetch, Book I of the Runestone Saga.

This reviewer gives The Fetch 5 hanging stars.


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