Halloween Story
Michelle, Age 16, Coquitlam, BC

Waking with a start, he let out a gasp of pain and surprise. He was cold, his entire body ached, and he was in complete darkness. He had no idea where he was, and was very aware of the macabre stench of something rotting. Standing up slowly, he noticed there was light coming from high above. Walking towards the light with his hands out in front of him, he heard boards creak, and felt something crunch under his feet. After a few more steps, he walked into what felt like a cobweb, and brushed it impatiently away. Suddenly he found shelves of some kind blocking his way. He ran his hands along them, at first finding nothing of any use, only dust, and then what felt like…a flashlight. In his excitement, it slipped through his hands, hit the floor, and rolled away. Dropping to his hands and knees with a groan, he crawled in the direction it had gone. The floor was uneven, and slightly damp, and hurt his bruised knees. With one hand he picked up what had crunched under his feet earlier. Bones of a small animal. Continuing to crawl, he finally found the flashlight. Getting to his feet, he began to remember parts of what had happened, and was immediately flooded with fear.

Standing outside the house, he could understand why it had been empty for so long. The lawn was unkempt, the windows were boarded up, and the porch was falling apart. Though years ago, before the woman’s son died, it had been well taken care of. The woman died shortly after the little boy’s accident, and was said to be haunting her house still. Having to know for himself whether the rumours were true, he decided to go inside. Pushing open the crooked, rusty gate, he had walked up to the now dirty and faded front door. He put his hand on the knob and turned. The door creaked open, displaying an abandoned and neglected home. Family photos hanging on the wall caught his eye. One picture showed the woman and her son in front of an elementary school. The woman was beaming, one gelatinous arm around the shoulder of a boy who looked as though he was about to be hung on a gibbet. Still looking at the pictures, he continued walking down the hall, straight towards an open door. Suddenly, he was shoved sharply between the shoulder blades and fell headfirst down a flight of stairs.

He frantically swept the flashlight around the room. The stairs he had fallen down were collapsed on the floor. Knowing there had to be another way out, he moved in the other direction. He felt something cold brush past him, and spun the weak beam of light around. Gliding towards him, ghostly arms outstretched, face twisted into a terrifying grin, was the woman from the picture.

"Come to Mommy sweetheart," she whispered.

He screamed, the flashlight died, and his whole world turned black.

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