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Lisa McCourt. Happy Halloween, Stinky Face
Scholastic $19.99 ISBN 978-0-439-77977-7  30 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 13

"It's time to get your costume on, Stinky Face!" said Mama.

But I had a question.

So begins the sweetest Halloween treat for any young reader, or even an older one who enjoys revisiting Halloween memories. Stinky Face is ready to go trick-or-treating with his friends but he has so many questions!  What if their neighbour doesn't know that it's really just some kids in costumes and gets scared? What if Stinky Face's caramel apple gets stuck in his teeth and he can't get loose? What if his friend Reese's butterfly costume turns her into a real butterfly and she flies away?

Mothers and children, teachers and students alike will enjoy finding out the answers to all these silly questions and more. The tenderness between the mother and son is something really special to see and the cute, colourful sketches bring everything together in a format that is easy for aspiring bookworms to read on their own but it's certainly better to read this book with a parent or older sibling. It doesn't matter the age of those who read this book. It is fairly simple and some words are easier to read because they have been decorated, enlarged or coloured to make the story really pop out.

After feasting on Kit-Kats and suckers, curl up with Happy Halloween, Stinky Face. Who knows, maybe you'll start a sweet and sugary tradition!

This reviewer gives Happy Halloween, Stinky Face 5 sugary, sweet stars.


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