Sarah's Stars

Pat Hancock. Haunted Canada 3
Scholastic  $7.99  ISBN 978-0-439-93777-1  118 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 13

Over the years, the phantom presence of a young woman has been seen at different places along the river near the spot where Mary's body was found. There was even one report years ago of a young minister, a Reverend Knight, being scared out of his wits when he saw a woman's body floating in the river, only to have the vision suddenly disappear. Some local residents say it's Mary who haunts the Thames around Pain Court, looking for the young man she fell in love with. But maybe her spirit can't find peace because of the terrible way she died at the hands of her own mother.

Step inside this chilling collection of true ghost stories from across Canada...but make sure the light is on. This book documents tales of ghost ships, lights in empty houses, eerie voices and all sorts of ghosts from back in the 1800s, to the present day. There's the spine-tingling tale of a haunted bed-and-breakfast in Ontario, and who could forget the story of a bloody apparition in Barkerville? Everything you've ever wanted to know about Canadian hauntings can be found here.

Haunted Canada 3 starts off all right. There are a few quick and interesting stories that are just short enough to keep your attention but after a while all the stories begin to blend together. It begins to read like an essay with meaningless names and dates cluttering the stories themselves. I applaud Hancock's efforts as it must have taken a lot of research to find so many different stories and their facts, but for the most part, this Halloween, third time is not the charm.

Best read a story or two at a time, this reviewer gives three stars for Haunted Canada 3.


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