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Nancy Krulik. How I Survived Middle School
Scholastic  $5.99  ISBN 978-0-439-02557-7  108 pg.
Reviewed by Kaelyn, Age 12

I watched as Addie and Dana headed toward the soccer field together during gym class later that day. They were walking thisclose to each other and whispering. Every now and then they would look over to one of us non-Pops and giggle hysterically.

Annoying much?

I did not want to go near either of them. But I knew that I had to talk to Addie. I would have done it at lunch but she always sat with a whole table of Pops. It would have taken more guts than I have to walk over there to talk to her. This way, it was only Dana and Addie I had to face.

Do you have ever have trouble with rumours? Or friends? Or even what HAIRstyle you want? This book will help you with all these things! A pile of quizzes and tests wrapped up in this great story of friendship “pops”, “non-pops” and all of the above!

Nancy Krulik gives great advice for kids in a way that they can actually understand! Along with how to survive middle school, Nancy Krulik has books for things like how to survive 4th grade and also some great books for adults! Also, if you wish to learn more about how to survive middle school or you want to check out some pretty cool polls, quizzes, and tips, log on to:

I think this book was great, I definitely enjoyed it because I have some of the same problems as our heroine Jenny McAfee! I would recommend it to anyone who is going into middle school, is in middle school, or just wants to prepare for it!

I give How I Survived Middle School 4 glamorous stars!


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