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Susan Patron. The Higher Power of Lucky
Atheneum Books $21.99  ISBN 978-1-4052-1639-5  324 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 15

A breeze rattled the found object wind chimes at the Found Object Wind Chime Museum and Visitor Center, and the high desert air carried that sound in front of it, all the way across town, down to the three trailers at the end of Hard Pan. Just the sound of those chimes made Lucky feel cooler. But she still had doubts and anxious questions in all the crevices of her brain, especially about how to find her Higher Power. If she could only find it, Lucky was pretty sure she’d be able to figure out the difference between the things she could change and the things she couldn’t, like the little prayer of the anonymous people. Because sometimes Lucky wanted to change everything, all the bad things that had happened and sometimes she wanted everything to stay the same forever.

Lucky Trimble, is not your average ten year old. She is one of the 43 residents of Hard Pan, California and holder of one of the three paying jobs in Hard Pan. Lucky is also an orphan who’s become the ward of her father’s first wife Brigitte. And Lucky’s worst nightmare is that Brigitte will leave her and go back to France. The Higher Power of Lucky is a delightful story about a girl who’s trying to make sense of her life. Along with her friends Lincoln (maybe the next president of the United States), Miles (a small grubby moocher), and her faithful dog HMS Beagle, Lucky is on a journey to keep Brigitte in Hard Pan and find her own Higher Power.

The Higher Power of Lucky is a wonderful read. The funny, enjoyable and entertaining story goes hand in hand with the beautiful drawings by Matt Phelan. Lucky is a chapter book, but it would be good for children starting to read chapter books on their own, probably ten or eleven. The font is a bit on the small side, but the language is simple and children should be alright with it. I would highly recommend The Higher Power of Lucky, it’s a book both adults and children will enjoy.

I’d give The Higher Power of Lucky five stars out of five.


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