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Gayle Friesen. For Now
KCP Fiction $18.95  ISBN 978-1-55453-132-5  247 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 13

Grief has a way of hiding around a corner. You think it's gone, but when you finally have the courage to go around that corner, there it is waiting for you, smoking a cigarette, laughing at your foolishness. Grief is not kind.

This sequel to the 2002 novel, Losing Forever, picks up only a few weeks where the other one left off, after the marriage of Jes' mother to a man named Cal. Jes is slowly adjusting to all the new changes such as: being evicted from her room and having a new step-sister who is beyond gorgeous, not to mention the fact that her best friend Dell is in love with a shady character, her father seems to be on the brink of depression and her next-door neighbour Sam wants to be more than friends. With each new day that passes, Jes is sinking in to her new life and looking forward to a new future, even if it means leaving her long-dead sister Alberta behind. When Jes' mother announces her pregnancy, the teenager's already disrupted life is shattered completely. Will Jes be able to hold everything together and make sense of her life before everything falls apart?

The above description of the book might actually seem a little bit sad or depressing, but For Now is quite light-hearted. It attempts to make sense of life's trials and tribulations with optimism and wisdom. Readers are taken along on a journey full of turmoil and fear as Jes navigates the changes in her life, however, we are also treated to many funny and touching moments such as when Jes is presented with her new puppy and takes it to church, or her awkward first date with Sam. I encourage anyone interested in this book to read the first one before tackling this one. It contains many references to the last book and continues the events of what happened in it. Whether you're looking for an up-lifting journey, a funny sitcom or a tearjerker, this book will you sweep you up until you've turned the last page. I think this novel is suitable for ages 13 and up.

This reviewer gives Gayle Friesenís For Now five touching stars.


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