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Shapes (Little Scholastic)
Scholastic Books  $6.99  ISBN 978-0-439-02146-3  10 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Circles, squares, triangles and rectangles! That can be hard for any kid to remember! No need to worry though, SHAPES is a great way to introduce these shapes to your child. From the baby to a three year-old, this touch-and-feel book will help your child recognize which shape is which!

A bright and inviting cover for both the child and parent. The inside is full of different everyday things. It is relating these everyday objects to the shapes that they are trying to learn. The textures in their wide variety also help with the memorizing of the shapes in the book. The pictures and the text are simple enough for the child to understand and maybe even remember.

The advice on the back of the book is helpful to an adult who is reading the book to their child (1-2 years: look at the pictures and text. Listen and repeat the words). It gives them a sense of what needs to be done in order for their child to understand.

I love the different textures in this book; they are new and will certainly entertain a child.

I give the concept book SHAPES five sparkly stars!


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