The Sparkly Mystery Moment
Annie, Age 7, Lubbock, TX

Once there was a girl who had no parents. She lived in the woods. She walked along her path every day. She believed in fairies.

She sang or hummed her tune and the good part is it can go any way you want. (sing, sing, sing)  But one day, she went to wash up as she did every day and something was different. She turned around. There was a cabin. She walked inside.

There was not a thing in the cabin except a chair and a lit fire. The next night fall, she saw a girl. The girl saw her and because she was scared, she ran. She saw her again the next night. She touched her foot and scared her.

"Who, who are you"? the girl asked.

"I am just a wood girl like you. I saw a cabin in the wood".

"Come with me", she said. And so they lived together from that day on and had a sparkly friendship.

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