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Sue Limb. Zoe and Chloe: On the Prowl
Bloomsbury  $14.95  ISBN 978-0-7475-8272-4  313 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 15

‘Oh, nooooo!’ wailed Chloe. ‘We can’t miss the Earthquake Ball! The Ball is gonna be where it’s at! Think of the music! The noise! The headaches! The vomiting! The jealousy! The fights! The broken hearts!’ Her face had a wistful, faraway look. In her imagination, she was already there.

‘OK, then,’ I said. ‘Yeah let’s go—I was just being stupid.’ I shrugged amiably. One of us has to be chilled out, and clearly, Chloe could never play that vital role.

The Earthquake Ball is fast approaching and Zoe and Chloe are, alas, dateless. Their list of possible options:

1.       Fergus and Toby- the girls’ best guy friends, but way too immature

2.     Oliver Wyatt- a god, completely out of the question

3.     Jack Bennet- capable of break-dancing on his head, but so yesterday

4.     Henry Lovatt- has teeth so bad you will hurt yourself trying to kiss him

5.     Robin Elliot- smells like cheese

6.     Gus MacDonald- nice, though quite possibly the proud owner of a plaid penis

7.     Beast Hawkins and his sidekick, Donut- need I more than name them?

As you can see, the situation is desperate…

Sue Limb is the author of the Girl, 15 books, and the not-yet-released second chapter in the Zoe and Chloe saga entitled Out to Lunch. All of these books are set in the same modern day British high school.

Zoe and Chloe are the girls you would never actually want to be, but you love to read about. Entirely airheads, and surprisingly quick on their feet with outlandish untruths, and misadventures seem to attract them as much as boys do. Lovable, laughable, and totally loopy, these girls hit the spot.

I recommend this novel to 13 to 16 year old girls, as well as any and all fans of the Georgia Nicolson books by Louise Rennison. Zoe and Chloe is a light-hearted, easily devoured escape novel, suitable for long car rides and Sunday morning lie-ins. Beware: this book may cause you embarrassment in the form of public chuckling.

Four stars for Zoe and Chloe.


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