A 7th Grade Life
Taylor, Age 12, Bridgeport, CT

A seventh grade life is like an unfinished puzzle.
Seventh grade is like a Broadway show but with a little more drama in it.
Seventh grade is like going to the beach to walk along the shore.
It's putting your feet in the ocean and listening to it go swoosh swoosh.

I like seventh grade because you open new doors.
because you explore a new world and discover new things.
Seventh grade is a mystery with all different kinds of victims in it.
It is like a place that you have never seen before.

When you are a seventh grader you feel you are free like the wind.
In seventh grade there is a lot more drama, action and romance.
Because you've stepped up to being a young adult.
Why is 7th grade sound so important? You ask

Well, you have to see for yourself
New things happen in Seventh grade!

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