Sarah's Stars

Mélanie Watt. Chester
Kids Can Press  $18.95  ISBN 978-1-55453-140-0  32 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

How can Mélanie stop her egotistical cat from taking over her story? It seems that with every word she tells, Chester is there with his bright red marker to correct and re-arrange it into being about him. This large feline is in for a real treat if he keeps this up!

This has got to be the most fantastical picture book I have ever read in my entire life ... and that is saying something! Chester is witty and comical, generating the perfect air for a children’s story. His red marker scribbled all over the pages, to Mélanie’s despair, is too loveable. Kids will find this piece of art irresistible.

The illustrations are fun and interesting, leaving the eyes to scrutinize every corner of its potential to hold amusing secrets. The words make sense and do not make the pages cramped in any way. The story in itself deserves a standing ovation. Who ever worked so hard to get this book published needs to be recognized! This picture book is a must for all children from six to nine years old (and older still! I can say plenty of teenagers enjoyed this book!).

I give Chester five narcissistic-cat stars out of five! I took pleasure in reading this book, more than once. Bravo!


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