Sarah's Stars

Michele Marineau. Cinderella.
Tundra Books  $14.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-825-5  32 pg.
Reviewed by Heather, Age 13

One day, the king announced that he would throw a grand ball, and the whole family was invited. Well, almost the whole family.

When Cynthia’s father marries again to a lazy woman and her two lazy daughters, she is not happy.  When the king announces a ball, everyone in the family is invited, except for Cynthia.  Will she find a way to get to the ball or not?

The book Cinderella is a great change from the original.  The illustrations by Mylene Pratt are like nothing I have seen before, but they fit into the book nicely.  They were funny and definitely helped tell the story.  The cover is very strange which made me want to know what was going to happen.  I would have definitely picked it off the shelf.  The text is plain and easy to read because it is on its own page.  I personally enjoyed the original fairy tail Cinderella, but this is great as well.  I would recommend this book for kids aged 4 and up.

I will give this modern-day Cinderella by Montreal-born author Michele Marineau 4 stars.


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