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Chris Mizzoni. Clancy with the Puck
Raincoast $21.95  ISBN 987-1-55192-804-3  32 pg.
Reviewed by Joe, Age 12

Clancy weaved from side to side
as he approached his padded foe,
Down came his stick with fearsome might,
a blur of puck and snow.

Clancy Cooke has a dream to win the Stanley Cup. All he needs is a team, but the Hogtown Maple Buds arenít the best hockey team. Will Clancy be able to score the winning goal to win the Stanley Cup? Find out in this Canadian version of the classic baseball tale, Casey at the Bat.

This book has lots of hockey in it, so if you like Hockey Night in Canada you will like Clancy with the Puck. Chris Mizzoni, born in Toronto, has stayed a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He is an animator with Studio B Productions, and this is his first book with Raincoast Books. He has included an ANIMATED SHORT DVD version of Clancy with the Puck at the back of the book. Perfect for the young reader still needing help. I think Clancy with the Puck is good for ages 5 to 8.

I enjoyed Clancy with the Puck. It was quick and easy to read. It became more interesting only after a few pages. I think the characters chosen for this book are very good. My favourite character is Clancy, because he is a good hockey player. I think the pictures went very well with the words. I was a little disappointed at the end because I did not expect the story to end the way it did.

I gave Clancy with the Puck 4 stars.


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