Falling Down
Yuma, Age 11, Konstancin-Jeziorn, Poland

Have you ever fallen down in front of many adults? This story was about a time when I was really little. When I was in Japan, I had to go to my brother’s baseball club every weekend.  I know it sounds horrible, and it was. I couldn’t do anything on weekends but watch my brother play baseball with his teammates.

Since I was bored ALL THE TIME, I made friends with lots of girls who went to club almost every weekend, and I talked with lots of mothers, too. But I was still bored.

The rule of that baseball club is that moms had to take turns bringing teas, cold drinks, wet towels and hand them out for the players and coaches.

The embarrassing thing happened to me when it was my mom’s turn to bring stuff for the players and coaches. Mom wanted ME to hand out stuff for players and coaches. I did as I was told because I knew my mom was busy pouring teas and cold drinks to cups.

While my mom was pouring things into the cup, the coach was showing off to people about his brand new bat. When he saw me coming with the teas, he wanted to have some drink so he stopped talking about his bat. He wanted to drink so he threw his bat to the ground. That time, I didn’t know it was going to be a problem.

When I started walking with the tray and cups I felt so proud because I felt like waitress in the restaurant. I actually said “I am the famous waitress!” to everyone.

Since I did so well handing out the drinks at first time, I thought I could carry 20 cups in one tray. I started to hand out the drinks for players. That time, I didn’t know there was bat lying on the ground! SPLASH! Yes, I tripped over the bat coach threw to the ground. The drink splashed all over the place and I was wet. Lots of kids laughed at me!

Everybody was saying “She fell down because she was trying to carry so many cups at once!” People were laughing. I was so embarrassed!

Isn’t it normal to fall down? But that time was especially embarrassing to me because I was calling myself “PROFESSIONAL waitress”. After that, I didn’t go to baseball club for other 2 to 3 weeks.

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