German Barf Bag
Marcela, Age 11, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland

Has anything really embarrassing but funny happened to you? Well, something like that happened to me. It was funny but kind of embarrassing. I laugh even though it was maybe the worst thing in my life.

The story started in third grade after lunch when we had a rope jumping contest. I won the contest!  We had language after lunch recess and I had German. On my way my tummy felt bad but sometimes that just happens to me. So, as usual, I went up with all my friends and walked into the class. My teacher, Frau Kover, said hi to all of us and said that we had grammar. I hate grammar because it is really boring and hard. That day I sat next to Da-Ho. She was really nice. When the teacher didn’t look we whispered to each other. She also found the lesson really boring.

I felt dizzy so I tilted my head and lay it on my arms to support it. Then my tummy felt weirder than before. I didn’t feel so well. I was about to tell the teacher. When I opened my mouth I threw up! Da-Ho had a face that clearly said “eww gross”. I threw up all over the table, the carpet, and my German homework (so that meant I didn’t have any homework!).

A boy in front of me called Christian that thought everything was always funny and could make people laugh anytime. He tilted his chair over to a boy named Daniel and said “oh oh someone’s in trouble”. After Christian said that Daniel made a weird face and just whistled the “wow” tune.

The teacher screamed at me that this was inappropriate and went to her desk and brought a bunch of paper towels. On my way to the bathroom my teacher went running past me to the bathroom. I threw up six more times in the bathroom and I went out and I saw my teacher collecting every towel there was in the bathroom. She told me in the bathroom that I should go to the nurse’s office. On my way my teacher went running past me with the huge paper towel stack and said that I should feel ashamed of myself. The sight was so funny I couldn’t help laughing.

The nurse just sent me home because after throwing up 7 times I should get some sleep and lie in my own cozy bed. This was the end of my story.

Even though this was embarrassing it also was funny to me. I felt really sick but I still had the strength to laugh. The funniest thing was when the teacher ran with a load of paper towels overflowing her arms and she almost couldn’t see. So remember even though things can get embarrassing think happy, think funny. Look at it as if you weren’t the one that it happened to.

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