Sarah's Stars

Mem Fox. Where the Giant Sleeps
Harcourt  $18.95  ISBN 978-0-15-205785-5 24 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 14

Here the dragon lays his head,
breathing fire, and snoring.
And here the ogre shuts his eyes
And takes a rest from roaring.

Where the Giant Sleeps is a great rhyming picture book about a young childís dream, taking things he has in his room and putting them in that dream, and then adding in magical creatures. The pictures are big and easy to look at, and the writing isnít scary or suspenseful. The muted colors are calming to look at and donít overwhelm you. It all adds up to be a great book for soothing a young child before going to sleep.

The inviting cover art makes you want to turn the page and see what pictures are inside. Every second page has a picture in a circle, as if you were looking through a telescope, and then the next page zooms in for a full-page picture, as if you were actually staring at the island through a telescope, and zooming in on each thing there.

A great book for kids learning to read, as the sentences are short and rhyme.

I would especially recommend this book to parents with boys and girls younger than seven for night-time reading. They will have happy, peaceful dreams afterwards.

I give Where the Giant Sleeps 5 stars.


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