Giving a Break
Afifa, Age 15, Pakistan

Just as I was ambling down the road with some money and a superb kite ready to be flown, I noticed a boy with a sad face, giving me a reluctant smile.

“Hi!” I said walking up to him. “Why aren’t you enjoying yourself?”

I saw his face sadden. “I am an orphan with no one to look after me, I don’t even have a single penny. I have tried to find a job, but no one has helped me.” His innocent face conveyed the fact that he was telling the truth.

“What is your name?” I asked him and he told me that his name was Dilawer.

I told Dilawer, “I can give you money to buy a kite and then we will see how I can help you find a job.”

His elation pleased me. I bought him a nice looking kite and we joined the others in the kite-flying gala. His superb manoeuvres won him the competition and Rs 100 as a prize. I was so happy! For the first time I had made someone happy.

“Now what?” he asked.

I knew what he meant. He needed a job.

“This is not the time for you to work, you should get education and acquire knowledge.” I said to him.

He was a good boy who knew what was good for him. He agreed.

All my life I had wished for a sibling but I was an only child up until now. I took him to my house and asked my parents if they would let him stay here and work and study. At first they were a bit wary of a total stranger but slowly after a few days they, too, grew fond of him. He was an honest hard-working boy. Some time later my mother got him admitted into my school.

It has been fifteen years now since I first met Dilawer. We are just like brothers. Both of us are well-educated individuals who understand the plight of the poor and what it means to help someone in need. At the moment, we are working for the betterment of orphans in our country.

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