The House
Abbie, Age 10, Bend, OR

Continued from "Before the House"

“Mom, can Shelbi come over today? ‘Cause I’m really bored!” Bella said twiddling her thumbs.

“I don’t care. But, I do need to know what you want to know what you want to be for Halloween,” her mom replied. Bella told her mom that she wasn’t dressing up, then ran down stairs to call Shelbi. Shelbi was tall and not scared of anything. Her hair was brown and curly, and her face sprinkled with freckles.

The phone rang; Shelbi answered.

“Hi Shelbi this is-“ Bella began to say.

“I know who this is, Bella duh! So, what’s up?”

“Do you want to come over?” asked Bella.

“Sure let me ask my mom…” There was a long agonizing wait. Bella even had time to finish her homework! Shelbi came back on the phone.

“Yeah, my mom said I can walk over there.”

“Okay, see you in a little bit, bye!” Bella hung up the phone.

“Ding- dong” the doorbell rang; Bella ran downstairs. Shelbi came in and sat on the sofa. As she began to sink into the sofa, she told Bella a story: “Mrs. W the housekeeping lady down the street got on a plane and left this morning. It’s weird because she left her new cat at home! Strange huh?”

“Yeah, really strange.”

“Maybe we could go over there and uh- look around?” Shelbi suggested.

Bella said sure, and they walked out the door. They trotted along the sidewalk, and then they came to the house.

“Are you sure this is the right house?” asked Shelbi “Because this one is the 'haunted' one.”

“Yeah this is the one, 19329 Wick Ed Way, and it’s NOT haunted.” Bella replied. They just stood there looking at the house, shrubs turned brown, flowers hung over, petals shriveled, and the house itself looked old. Shingles were peeling off the roof, and nails sticking out of crevices.

Shelbi approached the deck, careful not to step on the nails sticking up from the deck. She reached for the rusty doorknob. As she turned the knob the door creaked, sounding like nails on a chalkboard. She stepped inside. Bella, however, stood there shaking, wondering, “Is it really haunted?”

“Are you coming in, Bella?” Shelbi asked.

“No… way” Bella replied. So Shelbi stomped down the creaky stairs, grabbed Bella’s arm, and pulled her inside. As Shelbi explored the living room, Bella was hesitant to follow. Shelbi plopped herself on the couch, and suddenly jumped up.

“Yuck! That couch is moist and feels like my mom’s steamed asparagus tastes! And trust me it’s GROSS!" After her fit of laughter, Bella decided to follow Shelbi. Walking around they came to what seemed to be a kitchen. In it Shelbi found a tarnished box, with a label saying “Itchy Wit Chocolates". Shelbi always craved chocolates and opened the container. A damp mist hit her face. And now after the twenty years passed the green chocolates were finally discovered once again. Shelbi touched her fingers to one, and as if a crane machine, lifted it up to her lips. But, funny, Shelbi would never eat GREEN chocolates. The chocolates were now encrusted in a thick tar-like shell of dirt, so they weren’t GREEN.

Shelbi gagged when she smelled it; it smelled like curdled milk. She reached for her mouth, opened her jaws, and began to clamp them shut. Bella had remembered when she came to Mrs. W’s house and lost Sally, her doll, under the couch. She was crawling on all fours, looking under the couch. Surprisingly, there lay the distorted rag doll, smiling as she always did. Bella picked her up, and went into the kitchen to show Shelbi.

Bella walked into the kitchen, and saw Shelbi. It was an eerie sight. Shelbi’s face was a pale green, and her back was curved into a “C” shape.

“Bella, I heard that Witchywitch flew away and left her cat alone, too. Do you think Mrs. W is actually Mrs. Witchywitch?" Shelbi said, sounding like Witchywitch herself.

“Uh… no I don’t,” Bella replied, backing away from her freaky friend. “Uh… Shelbi… we need to get you to a uh… doctor.” Bella told Shelbi gently.

“Okay, if you say so.” Shelbi said. Bella thought the stories were fake but now she was convinced they were true. When they got to the front desk at the hospital, Bella checked Shelbi into a room, and used a payphone to call her mom.

“Hello, this is June.” Bella’s mom said.

“Mom; this is Bella! Uh- Shelbi has…” there was a long pause, “Well… turned into uh, Witchywitch!” Bella said worried about what her mom might think.

“Okay, uh, well where are you and I’ll come see her.” Bella’s mom said, freaked out by what her daughter had just told her.

“We’re at the doctor’s office!” Bella said frantically. June rushed there when Bella told her what had happened. June walked into Shelbi’s hospital room to see if she was okay. Shelbi looked tired, and as sick as a dog. Bella’s mom called Shelbi’s mom, Shirley, and told her:

“Shelbi has eaten something from Mrs.W’s old place and it has made her very sick. Oh, and Bella is grounded for even going to that place. So if you want to see your daughter we’re at the Emergency Choco Late E. A. Ting Hospital. Unless you’re busy then we’ll watch her until you can come.”

“I’ll be there right away; thank you.” Shirley said. When her mom arrived, she went into Shelbi’s room and said, “I’ll take it from here” (and she did). Bella said sorry and went home.


Two days later…

Bella walked into room 415, Shelbi’s hospital room. Shelbi's hair was matted and her face still pale.

“Are you okay?” Bella asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Hey! Did you hear Mrs. W came back today. You should tell her not to eat not to eat the 'sickening' sweet chocolates, they’re GROSS!”

“Will do,” Bella chortled, said her goodbyes, set a box on the side table, and left to see Mrs. W. Shelbi leaned over to look in the cardboard box, and much to her surprise, it was the Itchy Wit Chocolates box. She lifted the lid, but this time the aroma of curdled milk didn’t fill her nostrils, but in place of the disgusting chocolates, was yet another box, and in it was a piece of chocolate. This time Shelbi inspected it, instead of popping it into her mouth. Shelbi smiled, lifted it up, and ate it. For the rest of the day she just lay there and smiled. Then something happened that made her less than happy, for  from the corner of her eye she saw Witchywitch riding on her broomstick. “WAIT!” Shelbi thought, “She’s coming for the window!!!” Shelbi clenched he eyes shut.

“Hello, sweetie. Want to ride with me on this lovely broomstick?” Witchywitch said shoving the extra broomstick to Shelbi’s chest. Shelbi thought about this for a while, rubbing her eyes every once in a while, to see if she was dreaming.

“Uh… w-why n-n-not,” Shelbi managed to say. Shelbi hopped upon the broomstick. Witchywitch cackled, Shelbi laughed, and zoomed off into what appeared to be stars. So the story goes.

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