Sarah's Stars

Rebecca Upjohn. Lily and the Paper Man
Second Story Press  $14.95  ISBN 978-1-897187-19-7  24 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 13

"A dollar for the paper," growls a tall man in a raggedy coat. His hair sticks up higgledy-piggledy all over his head. He thrusts a thin newspaper towards Lily's mother. Lily hides, clutching her mother's coat as she peeks out.

Young Lily is walking home with her mother on a cold, rainy day when she sees a dirty, scruffy man selling papers. Lily gets scared and hides behind her mother as she gives the man a dollar for a newspaper. Late at night Lily can't stop thinking about the man but she is still scared and makes her mother take them on the bus instead and when they pass the man she ducks below the window. Still, the man is in her thoughts and Lily begins to understand why and she formulates a plan...

Lily and the Paper Man is an absolutely charming winter tale that will warm your heart as the cold winds blow the October cold out and welcome the November freeze in. It teaches an important lesson to all those willing to listen. There are many words and they read more like a novella than a picture book so little ones should be accompanied while reading but it is truly a family book. The pictures are simple yet manage to convey plenty of emotion and they add a certain je ne sais quoi to the story. Kudos to Rebecca Upjohn for writing such a fantastic and utterly uplifting story.

I would give it six stars if I could but for now I shall have to content myself with five. A great read to curl up with along with blankets, hot chocolate and a roaring fire in the hearth! Hopefully it will inspire others to be just as kind and generous to those less fortunate as Lily was to the Paper Man.


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