The Mask Night
Anthony, Age 10, Konstancin Jeziorna, Poland

Did you know that even small children might scare you?  When I was about five years old and I still lived in my old house, my dad and mom had loads of masks of all kinds.

I really liked wearing those masks. One night I woke up at 12:00. I picked up my flashlight which lay on my desk. I went to the living room and I saw a big mask hanging on a closet. I put the mask on and I lay down on the couch. I thought it was almost morning so I waited for my parents to wake up. I was really hungry and I didnít know how to make myself breakfast. I waited, waited and waited still wearing my parentís mask. I was really sleepy and I fell asleep. When it was almost 8:00 oíclock my parents finally woke up. I was still sleeping in the living room.

My parents went in the kitchen to have a tea and read the news papers as usual. After my parents finished their tea my mom went in the living room. She wanted to sit down and watch a little TV. Suddenly she saw me and she started screaming with all her voice. I woke up and I looked at my mom with half opened eyes. My mom was all red standing there with her fists looking like they wanted to punch someone.  When my dad rushed in the living room he saw me and my mom, and my dad started laughing.

I still look back at that day and I fell really embarrassed. I am still afraid that my parents might tell one of my friendís parents and they will tell their children, I would be doomed till the end of my life. Next time when I put a mask on I will remember not to fall asleep.

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