A Time When My Pants Had a Time Out
Vasco, Age 10, Warsaw, Poland

When I was 4 years old and completely crazy about Pokemon, I remember that one day I was in the front row of the church. I was playing my Gameboy [facing away from my mom so she wouldn’t see me playing.]

Then suddenly the whole church was quiet. Everybody was praying to the Lord except me. I was too busy praying to my Gameboy “PLEASE LET ME PASS THIS LEVEL, PLEASE!”

Suddenly out of nowhere my game boy fell! But it was fine when nothing happened to the game boy. Then I went to pick it up and - Swoosh!!!! My pants fell down and everybody was staring at my Pikachu underwear. My brothers thought it was funny but I did not and each time I tried to put my pants up, it wouldn’t go up.

So I had to walk to the car with my mom holding my pants up!  Then I got home my mom was angry at me because I was playing Gameboy during church. I never got to pass the level! So never ever pick Pikachu underwear and pants that go down but don’t go up!

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