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Charles Schulz. The Complete Peanuts: 1963-1964
Fantagraphics Books  $36.95  ISBN 978-1-56097-723-0  344 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Schulzís masterpieces have been woven together to create a memorable book, complete with hysterical jokes and everyoneís favourite Peanuts characters. The only thing better than reading these one at a time, is to have every single one! Charlie Brown and his various friends and pets are all loveable and immediately catch the readerís heart. Their adorable ideas and laughable actions are to die for and simply induce readers to want more. Bill Melendez took on the Peanuts series, to create a memorial of Schulzís genius.

The characters are too cute to resist! They have a way of making you laugh every time. The sketches are wonderful and make logical sense. They go by year and season, therefore making them easier to follow. The pages are never too jammed up which makes a good impression on someone just flipping through. The glossary helps the reader find exactly what story they may be looking for, and the autobiography of Schulz is informative.

I would recommend this book for people nine years old and up. It is an all time classic, ready for anyone to pick up and cherish as so many have already.

Good Grief, I give The Complete Peanuts collection five stars!


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