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Mel Malton. Pioneer Poltergeist
Napoleon  $9.95  ISBN 978-1-894917-60-5  204 pg.
Reviewed by Joe, Age 12

Come on, Zig. We’ve got enough.”

“Just one more,” Ziggy said from above. “There’s a beauty one just a little further up, all red and perfect.” There came a rustle of branches, and then—


“Hey what?” Alan called up.

Ziggy came down double-quick, almost falling in his haste to reach solid ground again. His eyes were wide.

“I thought I saw something move in that little window up by the roof of the inn--a face, maybe. Really pale and sort of blurry. Just for a second. Next moment, it was gone.”

Alan and his two friends are spending the last days of summer working as costumed helpers at Laingford Pioneer Village.  But when some weird stuff turns up, Alan and his friends start investigating.

Mel Malton is the author of the Alan Nearing Mystery series for young adults.  She is also an illustrator and writer.  Born in Oxford, England, Mel Malton now lives in the Maritimes with her two dogs Karma and Ego.

I found Pioneer Poltergeist an easy read.  There were some points in the book that were better than others and those kept me reading, so that I didn’t really want to put the book down.  The book grabbed my attention in the first chapter, and after that it did not take a lot of time to get into the book.  It had a few surprises, and I liked the characters.  It was not too hard to see through their eyes or see the story in my mind.  I think the ending went well with the story.

I give the Alan Nearing Mystery, Pioneer Poltergeist, four stars.


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