Sarah's Stars

Trisha Romance. A Star for Christmas
Tundra Books  $26.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-836-1  40 pg.
Reviewed by Heather, Age 13

As the days grew shorter, the Christmas surprise drew closer and closer to being finished.

With the help of a few helping hands a woodsman builds a small house of wood and stone on the edge of a quiet meadow. With Christmas drawing nearer, will he finish the surprise in time?

A Star for Christmas is artist Trisha Romance’s first book for children. Born in New York, she now resides in Niagara-on-the-Lake. She graduated in 1971 from Sheridan College, and then traveled throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

The book, A Star for Christmas, is great. The cover design is very appropriate for this Christmas story. The illustrations are marvelous. They are detailed yet not confusing. It looks as if it was real and you were actually standing there, watching the scene. The text was easy to read and the pages are not cluttered The paragraph about the author is great to show kids that anyone can become an author if they wanted to. I would recommend this fantastic book to anyone aged 5 and up.

I will give A Star for Christmas 5 gleaming stars.


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