Strange Day
Sofia, Age 12, Basque Country, Spain

It was a strange day. When she woke up, the air smelt sweet and warm: pumpkin pie. Hmm. Maybe too sweet.

Gemma crawled out of her coffin, feeling dead. Well, I mean, she was dead. What a stupid thought, she said to herself. Murmuring things about food and being hungry, she entered the kitchen. As she had presumed, her mother was playing around with the stove, cooking.

'Good night, darling!' she said coldly, smiling a black lipsticky smile, her bloodshot eyes big and staring.

'Night, mum. What is there for breakfast?' asked Gemma, sitting at the table. Her mother stirred the substance that cooked on a pot over the cooker and opened the oven. The whiff of pumpkin became stronger.

'This is ready' she mumbled, pulling a plateful of mushy orange stuff 'just a bit of rat blood to add a bit of taste!'

Gemma smiled. What was going to happen on this Halloween???

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