A Summer Adventure
Meighen, Age 12, Burnaby, BC

I’m listening to the ocean waves on a cool September night as they hit the rocks.  Nobody else is with me in this peaceful place. I lie on the warm beach, look up at the clouds and wonder what would happen in this exciting and mysterious journey. “Sometimes life is not what it seems. Just like a cake, there are many layers to life.” I said, thinking out loud to myself. A distinctive figure shaped in the clouds. Reminding me of the eventful summer my friend and I had. I remember it as clearly as yesterday.
 CASE 101

“Maggie! It such a hot day, why don’t we go to Ms. Farley’s ice cream store?” complained my best friend Jane Parker, who was in a blue t-shirt and shorts. Jane was about 5’1 and has a great passion for art. She wanted to write a book some day, just like her role model L.M. Montgomery.

“Oh, alright then. We better go before Ms. Farley runs out of ice cream!” I said, feeling rather lazy and tried. I’m Maggie Lee. I’m 5 feet tall and unlike Jane, who’s a redhead, I have raven black hair. Jane and I have been best friends ever since we met in pre-school so many years ago. Now we were going to part our separate ways. Jane is going off to New York City to attend an all girls private secondary school which is famous for their literature program. I on the other a hand am going to a public secondary school in our beloved city of Vancouver.

As we approach Ms. Farley’s ice cream on a Friday late afternoon, we saw columns of smoke billow in the sky! Many fire trucks lined besides the building trying to put out the roaring fire. Jane and I looked at the store mysteriously and wondered who was behind this fire.  We both smelled a mystery coming! And we were going to be the first on the case. We casually looked around, wondering who the person behind this was but none of the onlookers looked suspicious of the crime but rather petrified.

After the fire was put out, Jane and I tip toed to the back of the building, to look around for any clues. We noticed that the rear window was broken and saw a patch of blue cloth snagged on the sharp glass window edge. We looked more closely at the blue cloth and discovered that it was stained with blood! “What a clumsy thief! Look, Jane! The thief also left a blue topaz color bracelet that has this weird symbol on it!” I exclaimed. We carefully looked at the clue. Suddenly Jane shouted, “Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?! Why, that the symbol for the “Blue Bombers Gang!” She went on saying that the Blue Bombers Gang is wanted on many counts of robbery. They also have a history for robbing ice cream stores.

“So, they must have broke in and set the fire!” I said happily! “Here comes the hard part. We have to get evidences to back us up!” said Jane.

Back at my house, Jane and I got on the laptop in my room and started to search on the internet about the “Blue Bomber Gang”. After an hour of searching and surfing on the internet we discovered their secret hide out by cracking their “secret code”.  So we immediately went down to the seedy side of downtown Vancouver, known as the “Downtown Eastside”, where the members of the “Blue Bombers Gang” were known to hang out. We looked around at the various members. Suddenly we hit pay dirt! Sitting in the corner of the room, was the gang member “Scar-face” Mcloud who had a Harry Potter like scar  in his left cheek. We noticed that his blue hooded sweat shirt had a tear on his left sleeve which exposed his arm with fresh cut marks. We immediately called Inspector Sherlock Homes, head of the Gang Squad of the Vancouver Police Department who came with an entire team of burly police officers. They took in the whole gang for questioning. The police also searched the “Blue Bombers Gang” headquarters the gang member’s cars and their homes where they found dozens and dozens of empty and half-filled containers of mango-mangosteen –pistachio ice cream, a specialty of Grandma Farley ice cream parlor. “Scar-face” knew that the gig was up! The police had found the “smoking gun”, the special ice cream made only by Grandma Farley, his torn blue sweat shirt and his matching DNA of his blood when he was cut breaking in to the ice cream parlor. “Scar-face” confessed to the dire deed. Inspector Sherlock Homes had solved another case with the help of Jane and Maggie. For our participation in the case we where rewards with all the ice cream you can eat for a whole year!


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