Swing, You Betray Me!
Madison, Age 11, Warsaw, Poland

Did you ever want to kill a swing for nearly sending you to the hospital? I did when I was in kindergarten. I had a friend named Hannah. Hannah and I were in the same grade. We were neighbors and played together all the time.

There were two playgrounds at the school. One playground was big and one was little. Hannah and I were on the little playground at recess. We were jumping off the swings. Then the swing betrayed me.  Hannah jumped off the swing with no problem. I slowed my swing down to make it a little lower because I was a bit nervous. I jumped and flew forward. I didnít let go of the strings. Then I flew backward and let go of the strings. Next thing I knew, I was behind the swing. I had jumped backwards instead of forwards! Hannah and I stared at each other in amazement. Then we burst into laughter! I wasnít injured. I had landed right against a wooden board that outlined the small playground.

Then the bell rang. Hannah and I ran to get in line. I am sure that I told many people about what had happened.  Warning! Do not trust swings!

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