Things for Free Are Not Always Good
Chris, Age 10, Warsaw, Poland

Were you ever forced to dance with women that are almost twice as old as you are? Well, I was forced to because of a tradition.

My dadís friendís son was getting married. I had to go to the wedding but I didnít want to go because I donít know half of the people that would to be there. Knowing adults, people I donít even know are going to say ďOh! Look how much you have grown,Ē and I really donít like that.

But it actually didnít turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be. Except that there were two embarrassing moments and this is one of them. My brother told me to go and get him a glass of champagne at one of the bars. I went to the bar and asked the waiter if I could have a glass of champagne. Instead of handing me the glass of champagne he started laughing and I didnít know why. I felt a bit embarrassed. He was laughing right at me. After he was done laughing he said ďthere is no alcohol for childrenĒ. Then I went back to my brother and I told him what the waiter said and he said ďoh, forget itĒ.

Now was the time for the bride to throw the flowers and the groom to throw the bow tie. First the bride threw the flowers to the women and then the groom will throw the bow tie, so I wanted to catch it. I thought you would get to keep the bow tie, but the person that catches the bow tie has to dance with the woman that caught the flowers. I did not know that. When the groom threw the bow tie guess who caught it? Yep thatís correct ME! I was so embarrassed. I would have to dance with a woman in front of everyone else. I tried to escape. Then I thought of an idea. I knew the women that caught the flowers had a boyfriend, so I gave the bow tie to the womanís boyfriend and I didnít have to dance.

Still today, I donít know if the woman who caught the flowers is a girlfriend to the man that I gave the bow tie, but I think so because they kept on dancing together at the wedding. Maybe they will get married next!

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