Video Game Advice?!
Korn, Age 10, Warsaw, Poland

I spy something yellow on a chair. Iím sure all of you had some embarrassing moments but when I look back at mine, itís very funny. I was playing computer at my house.

I was playing a game called Star Craft. It was my brotherís and I liked the game very much, even though I never have beaten the fourth level. I usually watched my brother play, but he sometimes let me play. He beat the fourth level for me sometimes and I was proud of myself.

One day, my brother let me play. I was trying to beat the fourth level, and it was going better than usual. I wasnít even using the invincibility cheat! While my brother went down for lunch, I stayed and played. I needed to go to the bathroom, but it was going too good. I thought I would finally beat it when. I was playing and couldnít stop, even though I needed to go to the toilet. Bad.

I just couldnít stop playing. I was beating the fourth level when my brother came in and saw me sitting in a puddle. The chair was wet. My pants were wet but I beat the fourth level! And who cares about anything else than beating the fourth level? I didnít care I wet my pants, the chair was soaking and dripping on the floor. The floor was also wet but so?  I had beaten the fourth level! I usually would have danced around If it didnít wouldn't felt so good.

Well, obviously my brother threw me out since it was his room. But that was not the end of my adventures.

A few days later I was now trying to beat the fifth level for a change. This day it was going very well. And as you could guess, my brother came into the room and saw me sitting in a second yellow puddle. But I didnít care because the trick worked again and I had beaten the fifth level!  If youíre having trouble with a computer game, wet your pantsÖ it always works!

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