The Worst Day in My Life
Piotr, Age 11, Warsaw, Poland

Did you ever really want to kiss a girl? I did when I was in second grade and was seven and a half years old. I really wanted to kiss a girl named Kasia. She was so beautiful. She had dark hair and was tall. She was in the same grade as me.

I was on the playground with my friends. Their names were Jasiek, Albert, Igor and Peter. We were choosing which of us would kiss her. We were using long and short sticks. Who ever got the shortest stick got to kiss Kasia. Unfortunately I picked the short stick. I walked up to her and got really close. I was just about to kiss her when suddenly Kasia’s friends came and pushed me away. After that my friends said they were kidding.

Now I feel really embarrassed about the whole incident. Everybody knows that you shouldn’t kiss anyone at a young age. I wish I had not tried to kiss Kasia.

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