Meghan, Age 16, Vernon, BC

The following poems are written as letters in verse from the point of view of a soldier and his girlfriend during World War I (1914-1918).

From him:
Itís been two long years
Since we said goodbye
To you, my love,
I wonít dare to lie
Donít cry when you read this
Stay brave, stay strong
With any luck
This war wonít last long
I long to be home
Away from fear and woe
Iíll hold you tight
And never let go
I live only to see you
To fight another day
I hold your words close
And quietly pray
All the things I have seen,
Love, I dare not tell
I have seen young men die
As bloody rain fell
Shells from cannons
Barbed wire and guns
Those who die fast
Are the lucky ones
Au revoir my beloved
Until that day
Iíll hold your words close
And quietly pray


From her:
My love, I leap up
Every time the bell rings
Hoping itís your letter
The postman brings
I wonder if youíve read
John McCraeís poem
I cried when I read it
And wished you were home
How glad was I
That you were not named
In the lists of those
Flanders Fields has claimed
I miss you my darling
And nightly I pray
That the day youíll come home
Is not far away
I saw the Western Union boy
Pause by our gate
My hear froze with fear
That he would wait
Then turn down our walk
And come to the door
With a paper saying
Iíd see you no more
Today the sun shines
And the world seems to say
That the day youíll come home
Is not far away.

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