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Frieda Wishinsky. Yikes, Vikings! 
Maple Tree Press  $6.95  ISBN 978-1-897066-97-3  83pg.
Reviewed by Joe, Age 12

“This is Matt reporting from … I don’t know where. All I know is that Emily and I are looking for Leif Eriksson and his Vikings in Vinland in 1001. But there are no Vikings here. Where are they? Where are we? What year is it?”

Emily looked back at the woods.  She looked out to sea.  She saw no one.  They were alone.

Emily Bing and Matt Martinez have found a magical sled in Emily’s attic.  Each time Emily and Matt sit on the sled they get transported to a new and exciting adventure with things like pirates, dinosaurs, gold miners and now, Vikings.

Frieda Wishinsky lives in Toronto and is a former teacher, and has written many books including Beware, Pirates!, Danger, Dinosaurs! and Crazy for Gold.  I recommend this series for younger children ages 7-11. 

I liked this book.  It was easy to read, and fast paced, without a dull moment.  It did not take me long to get into the book, and the characters are very interesting.  At times I can easily visualize the events of the story in my mind.  I think readers will enjoy this book because it is informational about Canada and simply all around fun.  I thought that the ending was excellent because it was a good cliff-hanger, and I like suspenseful endings.  I can’t wait for Book 5 in the Canadian Flyer Adventures series: Flying High!

I give Yikes, Vikings!  five stars.  


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