Dragon in the Sky
Esme, Age 8, Armstrong, BC

One day, Draco the dragon was flying around the Lake of Dreams when, suddenly, a sharp grey thing on a stick flew up at him. When he realized it meant to hurt him, he was angered and flew down to Earth to see what had caused it. When he landed, he was not pleased with what he saw. There was Horanny the archer, still firing the pointy, grey sticks at him.

"Dragon!" she said as she shot another stick. "I will not let you dry up this lake with the heat from your fiery breath!"

"Dry up the lake?" he thought. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't do it with his fire!

Since he was not paying attention, one of Horanny's sticks hit Draco, causing him to fall down dead. Then, the great Mystery came down from the sky and killed Horanny. He thought to himself, "Draco was a good dragon who would never harm anything, so let him be remembered as a constellation."

With that, he lifted Draco into the sky, to be remembered forever.

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