Help the Homeless
Taylor, Age 12, Bridgeport, CT

People in Connecticut and around the USA should step up and help the homeless children and adults. According to the Internet source, National Coalition for the Homeless, in January of 2005 there were about 744,313 people who have experienced homelessness in just one year. I know that there are people helping and opening shelters but not a lot of people are really taking the time. I hear people say sometimes "Look at that weird guy next to Town Fair Tire, he looks so funny."  But when I walk by the homeless people in New York, I think of the weather that they have been in and how many times they have gone without eating. This is why I want you to consider giving more assistance to these unfortunate people.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, every time I pass Town Fair Tire on Boston Avenue. I see a man sitting on a cement bench with a big plastic tent in front of him. That is where he lives and now just think of all the people in shelters who have to be crammed up or alone on the streets. I know that there arenít a lot of things that the government can handle at once but this should be the first thing on the to do list. In Connecticut, there are about 33,000 people who experience homelessness in just one 12 month period. Now imagine how many people in the other states of the USA are also homeless.

People in the USA support the homeless because it bothers them that these people have no shelter, food or family to help them.  One of the benefits about assisting the homeless, is that if the government would take some time to help at least 2 million people maybe after the homeless get settled buy a house and get a good job, the government would be receiving more taxes from almost 2 million people who had been homeless. Everyone in the country ďwinsĒ when we help the homeless get back their lives.

Maybe, the United States should lower the prices of homes in certain areas or maybe they could provide homes for the homeless. In the United States there are about 3.5 million residents including children who are homeless. Especially in New York. In the Big Apple there are 37,000 people who stay in shelters every night (most of them are children with a grand total of 16,000 children in just one state). In your mind, think about where all of your family members are and look how fortunate they are. Then imagine then losing all of their money because their mortgage is too high or they donít have a well paying job.

For example, I had a family member who was in a homeless shelter for 92 days. Her mother smoked, drank and didnít have a job. My family member had lived there all her life and it was hard for to move away from her friends. When they finally found a shelter to stay in there were a lot of people there and she didnít know one of them. Her mother said that she would stop smoking and drinking and get a job. When her mother finally got a job they were up in moving, but still in a shelter. Then her mother surprised her and started going to church. When she got settled and did what she said, they bought a house in a better neighborhood and their apartment was even bigger. Now do you see how hard it is being homeless and living in a shelter?

So maybe if you think that one of your family members might be in that kind of trouble then maybe you should help them and start helping other. People in Connecticut and around the USA should step up and help the homeless children and adults!

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