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Nick Abadzis. Laika  
First Second   $21.95  ISBN 978-1-59643-101-0  208 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 14

ďWhatís that? It sounds like a Ėď


ďBut I think it was a--It could have been-ď

ďWe have to go NOW.Ē

"ALL RIGHT, NOTHING TO SEE HERE! PLEASE MOVE ALONG!  You asked for my help to catch those nuisance mongrels. Instead you cause a public spectacle? Clean up that mess and get out of here. And donít ever let me see your face here again.Ē

"Filthy mutts. But I got you. I got you.Ē

Laika is a full-color graphic novel. For those that donít know what that is, itís like a comic book, but longer and with a more complex storyline. Itís based on a true story about a small stray dog cast away by its owner. Barely surviving, it has to live on the street until it is brought to the Russian space program, and sent into outer space on the first shuttle to carry passengers.

Laika isnít just your typical graphic novel, though. Most graphic novels are usually fictional and cartoon-like. This book tells about something that happened in real life instead and has a more serious feel to it, which may make it less appealing to some readers. The book isnít necessarily there just for entertainment; itís there for teaching you about someone elseís mistakes and regrets.

Although it has some coarse language, it would still be a good read for anyone age eleven and up. I would recommend it to someone who is a die-hard graphic novel lover.

I give Laika 4 stars.


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