A Week to Live
Rylie, Age 13, St. Thomas, ON

What if you had a week to live?
Oh it would be horrible. But if I did...
At first I would feel sorry for myself.
Why me?
What did I do to deserve this?
Why couldn't I grow up?
Life wasn't fair.

But then I would get serious.
I would go to my baby cousins and hug them hard.
I would be sad because I wouldn't see them grow up,
but I would be watching out for them.
I would go to my sister and apologize
for all the times I was mean to her,
because in the great abyss of the universe,
it didn't matter who started it.

Then I would go to my parents,
tell them to not forget me,
tell them to give all my money to Animal Aide,
for cats and dogs abandoned by people.

Then I would write a book,
and attempt to get it published,
on life and death and all the things in between.
About heaven and hell, if there were such things.
About God, and if there was God,
why did he make me die so young.

And then I would die.
Taking nothing with me,
but leaving things behind,
and hopefully a memory of things
I have done for people.
When I die, I hope that I will leave
an impact on someone.
Then I will die happily.

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