Nick, Age 11, Warsaw, Poland

Today was the cup final of the soccer tournament and it was going to be a blast. Our team was about to pummel the worst team in the league. The game started pretty normal as usual. After ten minutes Ben cannoned the ball in the back of the net 1-0 for us. “Yes” he shouted. Twenty-five minutes passed then Ben blasted a second one. At half time the score was 2-0.

In the second half things got worse. After three minutes the other team was awarded a penalty and didn’t waste it. He shot it so hard it bounced in and back out of the goal. The score was 2-1. Things got way worse when I made a foul and the striker curled the ball in the goal 2-2. When they scored again, we were furious. It was the last minute, the ball shot into the corner and  our goalkeeper joined it. I crossed it and he shot and scored. When the game went to penalties we had cannoned 4 penalties in and they had blasted 4 in, too. They curled their last penalty in the goal. So we had to score or we lost. The ball burst off Ben’s leg but the goalkeeper deflected it securing our fate as we lost against the worst team  ever!

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